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  • Jacqueline Dascal Chariff
    Jacqueline Dascal Chariff

    Chairman, Continental National Bank

    Dascal Chariff leads all marketing and brand modernization efforts for Continental National Bank, an institution that boasts $465 million is assets and 42 years serving the South Florida community. Aside from overseeing the bank’s Board of Directors, she also plays a pivotal role in business development, devising new strategies that allow the bank to reach a broade...

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  • Guillermo Diaz-Rousselot
    Guillermo Diaz-Rousselot

    President and CEO, Continental National Bank

    Guillermo Diaz-Rousselot is President and Chief Executive Officer of Continental National Bank, a $465 million asset bank where he has been a key member for the past 4 decades. Diaz-Rousselot has served the industry in various leadership positions. Presently he is serving his third year as the Chairman for the CFPB (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau) Advisory Co...

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  • Rodolfo Lleonart
    Rodolfo Lleonart

    Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

    Mr. Lleonart is Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Continental National Bank, overseeing all areas of bank operations, branch administration and sales of the 42 year old financial institution with $465 million in assets. Mr. Lleonart has over 21 years of experience in the banking industry, where he has served in various leadership and executive...

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  • Sonia Canessa-Gonzalez
    Sonia Canessa-Gonzalez

    Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

  • Jeanette Blanch
    Jeanette Blanch

    Senior Vice President and Commercial Real Estate Manager

  • Miguel Miranda
    Miguel Miranda

    Senior Vice President and Credit Administrator

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