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Jacqueline Dascal Chariff


Dascal Chariff leads all marketing and brand modernization efforts for Continental National Bank, an institution that boasts $490 million is assets and 43 years serving the South Florida community. Aside from overseeing the bank’s Board of Directors, she also plays a pivotal role in business development, devising new strategies that allow the bank to reach a broader client base, while staying true to its rich cultural heritage and traditional community banking roots.

Continental National Bank is considered one out of only 174 Minority Depository Institutions in the country, playing a unique role in promoting the economic viability of under-served communities. With more than 30 years of experience in marketing and distribution of leading consumer brands, Dascal Chariff applies her fresh vision to boost bank assets, including Small Business and Wealth Management lines of business, while providing the financial resources that local entrepreneurs need to succeed.