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Claims-Made Basis

Some insurance policies provide coverage on a claims-made basis rather than on an occurrence basis. Continue reading
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Events that trigger a review of your liability coverage

The following is a list of some common events that should trigger a review of your personal liability coverage. Continue reading
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Accounts Receivable/Valuable Papers Insurance

Accounts receivable and valuable papers insurance are coverage forms that can be included in a commercial inland marine insurance policy. You can also obtain this coverage as an endorsement to a business owners policy. Both insure against loss from damage to or destruction of important business records.
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Business Interruption Insurance

Business interruption insurance covers a business for the loss of income or the additional expenses that can result from a forced shutdown period. A forced shutdown might be the result of a separately insured event, such as a fire or other covered disaster. If your business is forced to shut down while the property is repaired or rebuilt, it would still have ongoing expenses. For instance, loan payments, taxes, or key employee salaries would need to continue, along with certain possible additional expenses, such as furniture or equipment leasing, rent for temporary quarters, or the overtime pay required to return operations to normal.
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Workers' Compensation

Workers' compensation is an insurance program that provides workers with insurance protection against disability or death that occurs during work. This could include a workplace injury or occupational disease. Employees who are injured or disabled on the job receive a fixed monetary award that generally eliminates the need for litigation. Many states allow qualified businesses to self-insure for part or all of the claims. Some states allow smaller companies to form groups to self-insure, that is, pool their risk and liabilities with other companies. Federal employees and interstate commerce workers are protected under federal workers' compensation statutes.
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Business Owners Policy (BOP)

A business owners policy (BOP) can insure small and medium-size businesses against multiple business perils by providing property, liability, and business interruption insurance coverage. It is a type of commercial package policy and is designed for relatively small retail businesses, certain processing and service businesses, and businesses that operate out of small office, condominium, or apartment buildings. The typical landlord or business owner who has a business owners policy has a single location business, with predictable risks and, at most, a moderate level of insurance exposure. The property coverage includes buildings and business owned personal property. The liability coverage includes bodily injury, property damage, personal injury, and advertising injury.
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Business Insurance

As you would expect, business insurance includes policies of insurance (such as fire insurance) procured by your business to protect its physical assets. It also includes various forms of liability insurance similar to what you might have for your home and personal vehicle. The wide range of available insurance products offers your company more than just protection.
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The Precarious Fate of Traditional Retail

Up to 25% of the nation’s 1,200 malls could close by 2022 primarily aging properties in less prosperous communities. The rise of e-commerce has been disruptive force for many brick-and-mortar retailers, with store closures, restructurings, and bankruptcies making the news on a regular basis. Why is 2017 turning out to be such a tough year for retailers?
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About Commercial General Liability

Get the details...
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Insuring Your Home Business

If you have recently started your own business and work out of your home, you'll probably need to upgrade your insurance program. At-home business owners often make the mistake of assuming that their homeowners policy covers their business equipment. In fact, your homeowners policy may include little or no coverage for your business property and business liability exposure. You also should consider the need for business interruption insurance, workers' compensation coverage, and business automobile coverage. Finally, you should examine your need for life, health, and disability insurance.
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