The misconception about cholesterol

CholesterolFor several decades we have believed that saturated fats and foods rich in cholesterol like eggs and matured cheeses affect the cholesterol levels of the blood and that cholesterol in the blood clogs the blood vessels and causes strokes. This belief, however, is not true. Because of physiology and biochemistry, we know that if we consume large amounts of foods high in cholesterol, this cholesterol is transported from the intestines to the liver where it is used to produce hormones and other indispensable molecules that support the function of our organism. It is true that the liver produces the cholesterol reflected in blood work, but it does not have any correlation with cholesterol that comes from food.

If you are asking yourself: Can I eat foods rich in cholesterol? The answer is yes. The cholesterol levels that are considered “bad” are caused by the presence of inflammation in the body which is not influenced by cholesterol found in food but is actually caused by stress, little water intake and a bad diet. This is especially true for diets that involve the consumption of vegetable oils in liquid form; the poly-saturated fat like soy, corn, canola and sunflower oils which are filled with free radical. In conclusion, the real “bad” is not the cholesterol found in food or the cholesterol found in natural fats from meats, lactose and the seed of the coconut.  

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