South Florida Banking Institute - Cyber Security Seminar

Our COO, Rodolfo “Rudy” Lleonart, sits on the board of the South Florida Banking Institute. Last month they conducted an event on Cyber security. The panel discussion of industry experts with a vast knowledge in Cybersecurity was able to raise awareness to financial intuitions to better understand some of the new threats and best practices to safeguard our clients. Pictures here.Cnb 4Cnb 5Cnb 8Cnb 10Cnb 126C1357e1 Bff9 4Ea6 A503 10E0ad9ec5042407A7d7 F863 4330 Ac99 8D06bf7541cb5816A752 4850 4452 A8b5 48Ee5a82d595

at 12:58


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