Making your money more accessible one ATM at a time

Last week our Marketing Manager, Cynthia Haddad, met with Citibank's VP of Program Management in Citibank’s new office in New York. They discussed strategies that will continue to help build our growing partnership. We want to remind all of our customers that CitiBanks's ATM Community Network provides Surcharge-Free ATM Access to all CNB customers.

In 2016, Guillermo Diaz-Rousselot, President and Chief Executive Officer of Continental National Bank and member of the OCC's Minority Depository Institutions Advisory Committee stated, “This is the first time Continental Bank has ever collaborated with a major financial institution, although we have tried before. We hope this global bank-local institution model can be replicated, and we commend Citi for launching the Citi ATM Community Network. This partnership extends Citi's secure and comprehensive ATM network to our clients, expanding access and saving costs.”


Two years later we are happy to say our partnership is still growing and we only plan to continuously compliment each other. Make sure to check out our website for all ATM locations.


We are committed to adding value to our customers by making your cash easily acccesible right in your own neighborhood. 

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