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The Quarterly Market Review

Market Review Riding the momentum following the presidential election, stocks surged for much of the first quarter of 2017.
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The misconception about cholesterol

cholesterol : low, normal, high For several decades we have believed that saturated fats and foods rich in cholesterol like eggs and matured cheeses affect the cholesterol levels of the blood and that cholesterol in the blood clogs the blood vessels and causes strokes. This belief, however, is not true.
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Why Diversification Matters

Asset diversification When investing, particularly for long-term goals, there is one concept you will likely hear about over and over again — diversification. Why is diversification so important? The simple reason is that it helps ensure that your risk of loss is spread among a number of different investments. The theory is that if some of the investments in your portfolio decline in value, others may rise or hold steady, helping to offset the losses.
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Tax Tips for the Self-Employed

Being self-employed has many advantages — the opportunity to be your own boss and come and go as you please, for example. However, it also comes with unique challenges, especially when it comes to how to handle taxes. Whether you're running your own business or thinking about starting one, you'll want to be aware of the specific tax rules and opportunities that apply to you.
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Due Date Approaches for 2016 Federal Income Tax Returns

April - Tax Day Tax filing season is here again. If you haven't done so already, you'll want to start pulling things together — that includes getting your hands on a copy of last year's tax return and gathering W-2s, 1099s, and deduction records. You'll need these records whether you're preparing your own return or paying someone else to do your taxes for you.
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Continental National Bank supports the revitalization of Little Havana

revitalization of Little Havana Continental National Bank is proud to announce that Tecela’s apartment project in Miami’s Little Havana is close to completion. The residential project will play a huge role in revitalizing Little Havana, which was recently declared a national treasure by the National Trust for Historic Preservation.
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Investing in Bonds

Bonds may not be as glamorous as stocks or commodities, but they are a significant component of most investment portfolios. Bonds are traded in huge volumes every day, but their full usefulness is often under-appreciated and under-estimated.
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Help! I Can't Pay My Tax Bill

help You're almost done with your federal income tax return, and you're already thinking of ways to spend your refund. Then, the unthinkable happens--instead of a refund, you find that you owe $3,000. Or perhaps you've just received an IRS notice in the mail claiming that you owe $9,000 for the retirement plan distribution you took two years ago. You thought it was tax free at the time. Whatever the reason, you're now in the unenviable position of owing money to the IRS--and you don't have the cash. What do you do now?
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Adjustable Rate vs. Fixed Rate Mortgage

Mortgage Rate Like homes themselves, mortgages come in many sizes and types, and one of the most important decisions you face as you consider your choices is whether to take out a fixed or an adjustable rate mortgage. The type of mortgage that's right for you depends on many factors, such as your tolerance for risk and how long you expect to stay in your home.
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All About Credit Scores

Credit Score It's difficult to imagine functioning in today's world without credit. Whether buying a car or purchasing a home, credit has become an integral part of our everyday lives. Having easy access to credit goes hand in hand with having a good credit score, so it's important to know how to maintain a positive credit score and credit history.
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