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Deposit Accounts

Everyone needs Deposit Accounts to help them save money, manage money, and make payments. We offer the following Deposit Accounts to all customers:  

  • Checking Account - Open our basic personal checking account and enjoy the convenience of an ATM Debit Card and Online Banking services.
  • Savings Account - Start saving for tomorrow with our regular savings accounts. Deposits and withdrawals are recorded on the day of transaction. (Rates are subject to change).
  • Money Market Account - Watch your money grow with our money market account that offers competitive rates and includes six transactions monthly. (Rates are subject to change).
  • Certificates of Deposit - With a minimum of $500, open a fixed interest Certificate of Deposit (CD) account for a period of between 30 days and five years. Interest is payable monthly, quarterly, or at maturity. (Rates are subject to change. Penalty for early withdrawal).
  •  Individual Retirement Account - Start planning for your future by opening an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) that provides tax advantages for retirement savings.

Do you have access to these important personal deposit accounts? If not, Contact Us today or visit one of our many locations to speak with one of our friendly account specialists.


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