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Privacy Protection Policy Notice

Privacy Protection Policy Notice

At First American Bank (FAB), we value you as a customer and take your personal privacy seriously. We inform you of our policy for collecting and sharing non-public personal information (a.k.a. customer information) the first time we do business with you, and every year thereafter while you remain our valued customer. To ensure that we live up to your trust, we have defined the procedures we use to protect customer information. We also want you to understand how we obtain and use information about you.

Security Procedures to Protect Customer Information

We protect your privacy by restricting access to your personal information and account information to trained employees who must have the information to provide you services. We use technology to manage and maintain customer information, and also maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards that comply with federal standards to guard your non-public personal information. Non-public personal information is information about you that is not known publicly, which we obtain to provide you with financial services. This information includes: your account balance, credit history, and overdraft history.

Information We May Collect

We only collect and use information we believe is necessary to advise you about our products and services, and provide you with financial services. We may, therefore, collect non-public personal information about you from several sources, which include:

  • Information you provide on applications or other forms;
  • Information about your transactions with us or our affiliates; and
  • Information we obtain from consumer credit reporting agencies.

For more information about the information we may collect, please Contact Us.

Customer Information We Share with Others

Non-Public Personal Information

We do not disclose any non-public personal information about present customers or former customers to anyone, except as required by law (e.g., information provided to government entities in response to subpoenas). We may also disclose the information described above as a part of the routine course of business, such as servicing a loan or account with us, and sharing with consumer credit reporting agencies, or with check printing companies when we market our own financial products or services. In addition, we may disclose non-public personal information to protect against potential fraud or unauthorized transactions.

Transaction and loan application information

We may also share information with our affiliates (affiliates include those companies related to the FAB family by common control or ownership, including the bank's holding company) whenever we process and service transactions that you request or authorize. This information can include:

  • Information we obtain on your loan applications;
  • Information we obtain from a consumer credit reporting agency, such as credit history; and
  • Information we obtain to verify something you have told us in connection with a loan application, such as loan balances, employment history, or credit.

For more information about the customer information we share with others, please Contact Us

Customer Information We Do Not Share With Others

We do not share non-public personal information we obtain from you, or any consumer, with non-affiliated third parties. In addition, we do not share non-public personal information with any other financial institutions through joint marketing agreements. Simply stated, the non-public personal information you provide to us remains within the family of FAB, except as provided above in the section entitled "Customer Information We Share With Others".

It is our belief that keeping your trust is important. If you have any inactive or closed accounts with us, we will continue to adhere to the policy and practices described in this notice.

Thank you for choosing First American Bank. We value you as a customer and appreciate the opportunity to serve you. If you have questions or concerns about the integrity of your account information, please Contact Us.